Welcome to the world baby Myles



I’m travelling……time travelling, back almost 31 years and 7 months to the day, to holding my son not long after he was born. And now fast forward all those years and I am holding my son’s son, my first grandson. His tiny hand is in my hand and I am speaking softly to him, just as I did to my own son, as he peers back at me through his tiny blue eyes. I first meet him when he is only 6 hours old and it is magical.

We are home for 10 days at the end of July, to touch base with family and friends and catch up on appointments, but most importantly we are here for the arrival of our new grandson. Our flight lands in Glasgow 3 days after his due date, but he’s just too comfortable and there’s no persuading him to arrive any time soon. So, by the following Monday when he’s still not here and his mum is given a date to be induced, I decide that if he’s not arrived by the day before our flight back to Austria, I’m cancelling it. After all I’m here to meet my grandson and I’m not leaving without a cuddle.  We wait and wait and then we wait some more. And then on the morning of Thursday 1st August I get a text from my son…mum is in labour. I spend the morning with my Dad helping him as planned with his weekly shopping routine, anxious to here more news, but not wanting to intrude at such a special time. And then I finally get the call. He’s arrived (at 13.13pm), weighing 8 lb 11oz, baby and mum both good, no name yet.

I’m so relieved all is well and overjoyed for my son who now also has a son, and I’m reminded of the miracle of a new life. When I left on this trip, he wasn’t even a twinkle in his Daddy’s eye and now he’s here. My friends are already calling me Granny Linda, but just like with my step grandchildren Joe and Annie…. I will be Oma and John will be Papa John. It’s the start of a new chapter, a new adventure.

I see him again a few times before we go and have lovely long cuddles. He’s adorable and very handsome (of course). Dark hair, blue eyes and a winning gumsy smile. And just before we leave, he finally has a name…. Myles Kennedy Miller. Welcome to the world little Myles, for you, the fun has just begun, and I wish you all the adventures your heart desires.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the world baby Myles

  1. Hi Linda, I have been enjoying your posts as both you and John have meandered your way through Europe. They have been in equal measure inspiring and captivating. This is both a testament to both John and your sense of adventure and your writing. So, to hear you have become a grandparent has filled a grey day with joy, enjoy your remaining travels, I look forward to reading about them and catching up when you return to us later in the year.



    1. Thank you Joanna. I’m glad that news of my new new grandson has brightened a grey day in Scotland and that you are enjoying my tales of travel. Hope all is good with you and hope to catch up soon. X


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