So we are here at last …. !?*#

After a week of packing up, moving out, packing and repacking for India and saying our final goodbyes to family and friends we are finally in Delhi… also known as New Delhi! By Wednesday afternoon we were both quiet hysterical with all that we have had to organise over the previous week. As we headed off on our great adventure we started to relax when we got in the taxi for Glasgow airport. After an initial wobble at the check in desk where we realised my Indian e visa had not been printed out as required, this was promptly dealt with and we were on our way. Our flights went smoothly and we managed to pick up a taxi at the airport to take us to our hotel in downtown Delhi.

The city is huge and many new experiences awakened our senses.  The traffic is absurd, with rickshaws, trucks, taxis, motorbikes and a sacred cow or two vying to be first in line. Horns blaring every second, vendors approaching stationary cars selling coconuts, spices and chai, all being served via the window of your car and washing strung out across roundabouts drying in the smog. A little further on in an area looking more than seedy two ‘women’ approach the car and give John the ‘glad eye’. The taxi driver explains that these ladies are half man, half women or ‘lady boys’. John is very glad that the taxi door is locked. He smiles back and shakes his head just the same!

And so we are here at last. Our hotel is basic but comfortable, the Indian films on TV are bizarre,  all the staff are just lovely,  and the food of course has been amazing……! We are  ready to start our travels, with no expectations, but with open hearts and minds. Let the adventure begin…….

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